Keyword optimization refers to the site in the keywords for word selection and layout, to achieve the effect of optimizing the site ranking, so that the site in the search engine ranking of relevant keywords in a favorable position.

How many categories can keywords fall into?

Keywords can be generally divided into core keywords, precision words, high conversion rate words, extended words, dark horse words, competitive words, long tail keywords, question words, etc.

What is the purpose of keyword optimization?

Let the website of a target keyword in the search engine to get a better ranking, so that more users through a target keyword, quickly find their own site, improve the exposure of the site, so as to achieve economic benefits.

What is Keyword optimization?
What is Keyword optimization?

The development trend of key words

In the process of keyword optimization must pay attention to user experience, whether it is the content or the emergence of keywords, the purpose is only one, is to make users look comfortable, rest assured.

In addition, must also pay close attention to the search engine market optimization trend.Keyword optimization work in essence is to let the search engine can pay more attention to their own website, crawl the keywords of the site, achieve the site’s ranking.

Search engine market changes must always pay attention to, to understand the relevant search engine regulations and technology, comprehensive response.Of course, the development of social networking sites also to the site keyword optimization work put forward a new topic, to pay more attention to this change, to achieve SEO keyword optimization work with The Times.

How to judge the difficulty of keyword optimization?

If a client gives you keywords for a project, how long will it take for those keywords to reach the front page of the search engine?At this time, you need to make an accurate judgment on the optimization difficulty of these keywords, the judgment method is very simple:

  • Competitors’ site age: generally speaking, when a keyword in the search engine search results, most of the top sites are old sites, basically the word keyword optimization difficulty is greater;
  • External chain of competitors: Google search engine is more emphasis on the quality, quantity, structure of external chain, but when the external chain structure of competitors is better, then keyword optimization is more difficult;
  • The quality of competitors’ content: the content of a website can often tell whether a website has been carefully optimized;
  • Keyword search results: we can search the target keyword in the Google search engine to check the search results, when the search results are large, means that the difficulty of keyword optimization is large, search results are small, the difficulty of keyword optimization is small;
  • Keyword analysis: we can carry out keyword index analysis through Google Ads tool. The larger the keyword is, the higher the optimization difficulty is, while the smaller the keyword index is, the lower the optimization difficulty is.

When judging the difficulty of keyword optimization, we should reasonably use these methods to help us better analyze the difficulty of keyword optimization.