Before the website goes online, SEO is an essential focus, but many sites are not detailed planning how to start to do SEO, in fact, whether it is a large site or small site, make a detailed SEO program is particularly important.

How to do a comprehensive SEO optimization program?

1. Establish a clear seo optimization goal to better arrange specific work, whether it is long-term or short-term goals, can be differentiated to specific monthly, weekly, daily phase goals.And, of course, have a rough budget.

2. Analysis and diagnosis of their own site status, according to the nature of the site to make the following positioning: user group positioning, seo optimization way positioning, differentiation positioning, site style positioning.

3. Analyze competitors’ websites, such as ranking, keyword layout, etc., and make plans based on the situation of your own website.

4. The core keyword is the core of the whole site keyword system, the keyword that you take must keep consistent with oneself website.

How to choose the site core keywords?

  • Research competitors’ website keywords;
  • Use SEO keyword tools, such as MarketSamurai, Google keyword;

5. Risk and cost exist together. The cost of SEO mainly includes direct cost, time cost and labor cost.Then there are three risks: cost overruns, time delays, and changes in search algorithms.And the estimation is the estimation we must make when we make the plan, such as how long it will take to see the effect, after the preliminary statistics to achieve the effect, we will get some data.

Effect monitoring and statistical data analysis is also a very important step in SEO, through the analysis of data we can master their own website problems and development trend.However,, usually in 3~6 months or so can be carried out a program evaluation.