Website optimization refers to function through the web site, site structure, page layout, web content elements such as reasonable design, make the content and form of functional user friendly and easy to promote the best effect, give full play to the website of the network marketing value, is a systematic and overall work, including the optimization of the user, to the search engine optimization, the optimization of operation and maintenance.Website optimization has become an inevitable requirement of network marketing strategy.

What is website optimization?
What is website optimization?

Definition of website optimization.

  • Website optimization, that is, search engine optimization, so that the website design can meet the search engine index ranking, so as to get the first place in the search engine search, enhance the effect of search engine marketing.
  • Website is not just a search engine optimization considering the factors, including fully meet user’s demand characteristics, clear site navigation, complete the online help, etc., on the basis of making website functions and information play the best effect, which is based on corporate websites, and Internet service providers (such as a search engine, etc.), partners, customers, suppliers, vendors, etc. The network marketing environment factors to establish a good relationship.

Why do website optimization?

  • Website optimization is an inevitable choice for enterprises to enter the Internet.Through the enterprise website optimization (search engine optimization), make the enterprise website more friendly to the search engine, improve the ranking of the enterprise website in the search engine, enhance the effect of enterprise promotion.Search engine optimization, is the most important factor affecting the customer site in the search engine rankings;
  • The earliest sites may have the problem that every time a major browser is upgraded, the newly built site may become obsolete, which requires upgrading or rebuilding the site;
  • To make the site compatible with Netscape and IE, the site had to provide different code for the two browsers;
  • Whenever new network technologies and interactive devices appear, new versions of these technologies or devices, such as WAP technology that supports mobile Internet access, also need to be made ;
  • Website code oversize wastes a lot of bandwidth.Optimized website files download and pages display faster;
  • Make this content accessible to more users;
  • Conducive to search engine crawl, make the site more friendly to search engines;
  • Help improve your site’s ranking;
  • For users, site optimization is the best experience