SEO stands for search engine optimization, a method used to increase traffic to a site by increasing its search engine page rank.Search engine optimization usually involves improving the quality of the content, ensuring that the content is rich with relevant keywords, etc., and also ensuring that the HTML of the site is optimized.

Through seo optimization, this cost-free optimization method enables search engines to determine the content on the page and display it as search results in relevant searches, thus gaining brand revenue.

The search engine then ranks the results of a given search based on the relevance of the search to the topic and the quality and reliability that the site is judged to have.Google, the world’s most popular search engine, USES an algorithm designed to evaluate websites in terms of users, which means that the key part of SEO is to focus on the user experience.

What are the types of SEO?

1. Internal seo

  • Website code optimization: ensure that the code is suitable for seo, reduce the size of the code, improve the speed of the site open;
  • Website link structure: optimize the website link address, such as url selection, url length, link address depth, etc;
  • Internal links: add anchor text, so that Google search engine spiders as much as possible to climb the site;

2. External seo

  • Links to each other: As much as possible and other people exchange links, so as to help the site ranking!
  • External links: Google search engine algorithm is more emphasis on external links, which requires us to leave our website links in others’ sites;