Search engine ranking factor refers to the factors that affect the site in the search engine ranking, today I will explain to you some search engine ranking factors.Hope can help you solve some seo optimization problems!

What is search engine ranking?

Search engine ranking refers to a program sent by a search engine that can find new pages on the web and crawl files. This program is often called a spider or robot.A search engine spider starts from a database of known web pages and accesses them like a normal user’s browser and crawls files.

After processing the search terms, the search engine sorting program starts to work, find all the web pages containing the search terms from the index database, and calculate which web pages should be ranked first according to the search engine algorithm, and then return to “search” in a certain format The page, and then the sorting process can be completed and returned to the user’s search results within one or two seconds.

2020 Local Search engine Ranking Factors
2020 Local Search engine Ranking Factors

six search engine ranking factors

  • Server stability:Search engine crawling pages rely on search engine spiders. When spiders crawl webpage content to crawl keywords, whether the web server is stable has become a spider’s criterion.If the server is unstable and the webpage cannot be opened, the opening speed is slow, or even the website is paralyzed during the crawling process, the search engine spider will fail to crawl the page.The consequences are serious, and search engines will even black out websites from the search engines. Therefore, the stability of the website greatly affects the ranking of the website.
  • Website index:There are many indexes on the website, indicating that it is a high-quality website, and it is easier to get a good ranking in the search engine.
  • Website update:Regularly updating website information and publishing news are also an important factor affecting search engine rankings. Websites that update content on time, search engines will give a better ranking.
  • Internal links:The better the optimization of the internal link structure of the website, the more convenient the crawling of search engine spiders and the higher the ranking will be. The search engine will determine the relevance of the number of internal links on the website, so the reasonable construction of internal links on the website can greatly improve the friendliness of the search engine and improve the ranking of the website.
  • external link:Adding external links to your site is one way to improve your site’s ranking, but the external links must be relevant and high quality.
  • Original content: Users may come to your site once, but to keep them coming back you’ve got to have fresh original content. Well-organized, edited, and timely original content set in an attractive, interactive, andconsistent format are some traits of great Web sites.

The above is the search engine ranking factors I introduced. If there is something wrong, I hope you contact me, I will change it in the first time!