Search engine ranking is to enter a keyword in the search engine, usually get a lot of search results, these search results are ranked on the first page or the next few pages, which is what we call search engine ranking.

what is search engine ranking process?

1.Crawl and crawl

Search engine sends out a program that can find new web pages and grab files on the Internet. This program is usually called a search engine spider. Starting from a known database, search engines access web pages and crawl files just like normal user’s browsers. Search engines track links in web pages and visit more web pages. This process is called crawling. These new URLs will be stored in the database and waiting to be fetched. When the page files crawled by the search engine are exactly the same as those obtained by the user’s browser, the crawled files are stored in the database.


The search engine decomposes and analyzes the crawled page files and stores them in the database in the form of huge tables. This process is called index. In the index database, relevant information such as the text content of the web page, the location, font, color, bold, italics, etc. of the keywords appear are recorded accordingly.

3. Dispose

After the user searches for keywords in the search engine, the search engine program processes the search words, and displays them in the search results according to the content in the matching database, and according to the quality and relevance of the content.

How guaranteed search engine rankings?

1. Domain name

Domain names are the best keywords for searching websites! The domain name should contain the keywords of the website.

2. Set up friendly links and often share your website

A large part of Google’s search rankings come from external links and traffic, which means that the more high-quality websites link to your website, the higher your website’s ranking will be.Go to the major blogs, forums or social networking sites to share your website!

You can also submit your URL on some navigation websites. If relevant, you can add your website to your Weibo or account-specific signature files. You can even add your website link to your email signature. As long as you find a place where users will be interested in your website, can share your website!

3.Set website description and keywords

The website description can be a long sentence that introduces your website, and the keywords are words about your website.

Note: Do not add too many irrelevant keywords in order to improve the ranking of the website, because the Google search engine does not recognize this behavior, and may even reduce the ranking of your website.

4.Add text descriptions to all images on your site

Google search engines do not understand pictures, so they will look for picture descriptions. Picture descriptions will help search engines index your pictures, and then help index your website.

5.High-quality content

We can add high-quality content to the website and increase the density of keywords. But don’t copy other people’s content, the content should be related to the theme of the website.

I hope this article-How to ensure that the search engine ranking? can help everyone, if you have any questions, please contact me!