Onpage search engine optimization ranking factors are many, if we can know and understand these factors, then we will make SEO easier. The website will also have a higher ranking. Below I will introduce what I know about onpage search engine optimization ranking factors.

Ten onpage search engine optimization ranking factors

1.HTML page title

In the Google search engine algorithm, the HTML page title will affect the search engine results of the site, which is always the most important.

2.Text content on the page

The text content on the page is easy to be ignored. Don’t think that there are no keywords in a page and still get a good ranking.We need to know that the keywords appear in the article, and add as many keywords as possible without affecting the quality and structure of the entire article.

4.External link

External links are so important because they indicate the quality and popularity of the page. The links that improve the ranking most are those from the homepage. Increasing the number and quality of external links on a website is something every SEOer must do.

Leave links to our sites on various blog sites, but be aware of the quality and relevance of external links

5.Age of domain name

New domains are harder to rank, while old ones are easier to rank, because Google search engines are more friendly to older sites.

6.Image to add alt

Google search engines cannot recognize pictures, so you need to add the ‘alt’ attribute to the pictures to tell the search engine what this is?


If the server is often unavailable, or is too slow, then the search engine later thinks that this site is not good, resulting in low rankings.

8.Internal link

Internal links allow Google search engine spiders to crawl the content of websites more friendly.

9.Domain name contains keywords

If the domain name contains keywords, then there will be one more chance for keywords to appear than others, so it is also easier to obtain rankings.

10. Original Content

Search engines are very friendly to original content, remember not to copy the content of other websites.