On-page SEO is no longer a new term. Use this SEO optimization technology to improve the ranking of the website, thereby improving the website’s visit rate and conversion rate.

With the change of Google search engine algorithm, the onpage search engine optimization method is also changing, but the overall process and optimization method are basically the same, here to share with you the latest on-page SEO method in 2020.

What is the purpose of on-page SEO?

The purpose of on-page SEO is to get more free traffic from search engines. Make the website more suitable for the search rules of the search engine, thereby improving the website ranking, enhancing the customer experience and so on. Therefore, based on this purpose, we need to make reasonable planning and construction from the aspects of website structure, content, pages, communication, experience, etc.

Five practical methods of on-page SEO

1.Determination of website content

We want to determine the basic content of the website, what content does the website show to users? What can users get from your website? Or what questions can be solved for the user. A website should have a clear direction, and on this basis, build your website.

2.Choice of domain name

Domain names tend to play a big role. If we choose a good domain name, it will be easier when doing page search engine optimization.

How to choose a good domain name?

  • Choose a short domain name so that users can remember your domain name more easily;
  • Choose a domain name that contains keywords, which will help your website rank;
  • Choose an old domain name, Google search engine is more friendly to the old domain name


The server is very important. If we choose a poor server, the website often fails to open or slow, then your website ranking is definitely poor, so we need to choose a good server.

How to choose a good server?

  • A standalone server will be more search engine friendly than a virtual host;
  • The higher the server configuration, the better the server performance, and of course the higher the price;
  • Choose a trusted server vendor

4.Page value

The value of the page is very important. On the one hand, the Google search engine is very friendly to original content. If the user feels that your page is what he needs, then it may be shared on social networks. In this way, it is very helpful to our website ranking and traffic.


Link optimization is divided into internal links and external links, and their role is very large.

  • Internal links are links between each page, which can improve the crawling friendliness of search engine spiders.Note: The anchor text of internal links must be related to the linked page.
  • External links leave us links on other people’s pages, which can increase the number of crawls of search engine spiders and also help our website ranking. Note: Externally linked websites must be relevant and of high quality.