SEO online consultants don’t necessarily know what it is, and they certainly don’t know what professional SEO online consultants are, how to find professional SEO consultants, today I will introduce you. First of all, you must know that seo is one of the methods that affect the ranking of websites in search engines, and it affects the natural search results of search engines. In other words, search engine optimization is a way to improve website ranking.

However, every website has a different SEO optimization method, so we need to find a professional SEO consultant to give us suitable suggestions to allow us to better optimize and improve website ranking.

What are the professional seo online consultants?

What is an online SEO consultant?

In fact, since the SEO online consultant is a consultant, then, as the name implies, it is necessary to understand some professional SEO optimization methods on the basis of understanding the entire website SEO operation process, mainly to train the SEO team in the enterprise company, and guide them how to do Good corporate website SEO optimization work.

Of course, SEO consultants also need to understand some SEM network marketing knowledge, mainly to improve the conversion rate of enterprise product network promotion. SEO online consultants can be understood as a senior SEO optimization manager.

How to find a professional SEO online consultant?

1.SEO success stories

SEO combat capability is definitely related to seo technology in this respect. Without solid seo technology and SEO combat capability, where is the success story?

2.seo work experience

If you want to be a qualified SEO online consultant, it also depends on your SEO work experience for a long time. If you only do SEOer for one or two years, you ca n’t hold an important seo consultant position. After all, seo in one year The actual combat operation capability has not been so stable, and there will not be many successful cases, because seo takes time to operate.

3.SEO optimization technology

Seo optimization technology certainly doesn’t need to be said again. If you don’t even understand the most basic seo optimization technology, how can you provide SEO consulting services to enterprises?

What are the professional seo online consultants?

How to become a professional SEO online consultant?

If we want to become a professional SEO online consultant, we need to have the following five capabilities:

1.Ability to communicate with customers

As an SEO online consultant, good communication is also a very basic thing. If you are not good at communication, when the customer asks you questions about seo, you will answer in vain, which will cause the customer to not understand, which is equivalent to no seo consultant. Why do you say that? The customer came to you to consult the problem to solve the problem, and you can’t even understand your explanation at the end! Then this is equivalent to doing white work.

2.Ability to master website program code

Proficient in website script code, dare not say that you know any programming script language, but at least you need to understand simple HTML language, this is the most basic code common sense. If you can’t even understand the simplest HTML language, how do you optimize the site? If you want to optimize the site of the website, it is not that you can write a few keywords in the background and lay out a few tags. Rather, in many cases, the customer’s website needs to change the web page code. Way to optimize the code! Moreover, not only do code optimization, but also adjust the page layout, which can improve the user experience.

3.Text editing capabilities

An SEO online consultant who ca n’t write SEO soft text is definitely not good. In many cases, you will use text to edit into a professional document for customers to see. Many customers need to see this instead of just talking about it on your paper. ! Because, in the text editor, you can see your seo professionalism and some SEM network marketing thinking skills.

4.Be patient and persistent

As we all know, if you want to make an SEO optimization effective, it is calculated in months. When you are an SEO consultant, after all, the pressure is greater. Therefore, you must be able to withstand loneliness and patience, because, no patience People are not good at SEO optimization, let alone being an SEO consultant!

What are the services of SEO online consultant?

1.Comprehensive website analysis

The most important of comprehensive website analysis includes the diagnosis of the website itself and the analysis of website competitors. The main purpose is to propose improved SEO optimization solutions for the situation of the website itself, so as to improve the SEO competitiveness of the website. At the same time, don’t forget to analyze the SEO strategy of websites of competitors in the same industry, and you can also consider whether you can learn from and improve.

2.Formulate promotion strategies

The promotion strategy is formulated mainly including the direction of website content update and promotion strategy, the strategy of the layout of links inside and outside the website, and other general directions. According to the research, specific and feasible SEO content optimization strategies and link promotion strategies that meet the conditions of the website itself are worked out. Thus, not only can the depth and breadth of the content of the website be increased, but also the exposure and click-through rate of the links can be improved.

3.Related personnel skills training

Relevant personnel skill training is an indispensable skill training for IT department personnel for general enterprise companies, and only improves the understanding and mastery of SEO related technical personnel of enterprise companies. Only in this way can we reduce and avoid some SEO optimization errors in the future, and at the same time increase the value of website SEO optimization. The content of SEO online consultant training can be based on streamlined but not lack of knowledge of SEO optimization focus, so that the relevant technical personnel of the company can master the focus of SEO optimization in the shortest time, and then achieve a multiplier effect.

Finally, allow me to introduce to you the strength of our company ’s SEO online consultant. We have higher standards for ourselves, not only for SEO technology, but also for SEO thinking and all-round comprehensive capabilities, such as text editing ability, big data analysis ability, program code mastery, Customer communication skills, etc.