Search engine marketing experts have rich experience in search engine optimization (SEO), SEM and other website ranking services. Many companies that want to do marketing now need to find a search engine marketing expert to evaluate the website and propose a suitable search engine marketing plan. At present, there is a great shortage of search engine marketing experts in this industry, mainly because of the high threshold. If you need at least five years of marketing experience, at least more than one hundred successful project experience, you can also complete the project independently And other capabilities, leading to a very lack of search engine experts. However, every search engine marketing expert is very popular, one of which is its high salary.

How to become a professional search engine marketing expert?

What is a search engine marketing?

We usually refer to it simply as “SEM”. To put it simply, search engine marketing is network marketing based on the search engine platform, using people’s dependence and usage habits on search engines to pass information to target users when people retrieve information. The basic idea of ​​search engine marketing is to allow users to discover information and click through to enter web pages to further understand the required information. Enterprises pay for promotion through search engines, so that users can directly communicate and understand with the company’s customer service to realize transactions.

What is a search engine marketing expert?

Search engine marketing experts refer to a group of people well-known in the search engine marketing industry who are able to market and optimize websites well, thereby improving website rankings. They are usually experienced and skilled, but there are few search engine marketing experts.

What are the characteristics of search engine marketing experts?

  • Search engine marketing experts usually have a wealth of experience and can clearly understand how to deal with projects when faced with challenges.
  • After several years of successful projects, an expert network is the most valuable asset. Give them a project, when the resources are needed and the difficulties are encountered, the interpersonal network is reflected, which can help to diagnose the problem of cooperation.
  • Search engine marketing experts not only know the basic knowledge of web search engine optimization, link building activities, keyword research and PPC activities, but also can identify and diagnose weaknesses in website architecture, customer positioning, usability, design, analysis and dozens of others problem.
  • Many experts often have a special feeling for some rankings. They can, in just a few link searches and some competitive analysis, determine the scope, difficulty, trends and opportunities of the market
  • Search engine marketing experts know how to choose their projects, based on the expected results, style of client and short-term and long-term ROI (return on investment).
How to become a professional search engine marketing expert?

What services do search engine marketing experts have?

  • Provide companies with advertising services such as search engines, information streams, short videos, self-media, OTV, KOL, etc., so that brands can reach the right consumer groups, and customers can get real benefits.
  • Analyze the site and provide a complete website optimization strategy, including keywords, website content layout, user experience optimization, etc.
  • For each stage of the consumer journey, an integrated content marketing plan is constructed. Word-of-mouth content can be powerful and infectious native video, or it can be lively and targeted content.
  • Committed to helping customers lay out a brand positioning strategy that is different from other competing products. Through multi-dimensional brand marketing channels and excellent execution capabilities, influential brand ideas are finally displayed to users.

At present, our company has two search engine marketing experts. Its long-term commitment to online channel integrated marketing, website planning and operation, online marketing promotion, SEM / SEO, has in-depth research and understanding in traditional planning and online marketing. There are more than 100 successful cases of website optimization. He has conducted internal SEO training for many foreign-funded enterprises, proficient in search engine algorithms, and has deep research on Google search engines. Completed many SEM projects independently, and accumulated rich experience in long-term SEM practice