Enterprises may not all have SEO optimization teams. Search engine optimization will be outsourced to companies that specialize in SEO.What are SEO services? What is the search engine (seo) optimization service process? How to choose the seo service company suitable for you?

SEO optimization, that is, optimizing the website according to the Google search engine algorithm and letting the website naturally come to the front. This method takes time and technology. The results may not be fast, but it is sustainable. 80% of a website ’s traffic comes from seo . Compared with the Google ads (SEM) method, search engine optimization has the advantage of high cost performance, and only needs to spend a small amount of money to achieve better results. So many SME websites choose this kind of promotion method.

2020 latest search engine optimization (SEO) service

What are the search engine optimization (SEO) services?

1.Website Diagnostics

Comprehensive diagnosis and analysis of existing websites in terms of website speed, user experience, rationality of website keyword layout, etc.

2.Website data analysis

Overall control of the consumer market, monitoring of customer browsing pages, etc., tracking bounce rate, website stay time, making tracking more purposeful and improving the turnover rate.

3.Product market and search habits analysis

Analyze competing products and analyze data to understand the market and culture of user products and study user search habits.

4.Research on the core products of the website

Combine the analysis of the market, culture and user search habits of the product, research the core products, expand the core product keywords, and the overall wording of the website.

5.Website user experience planning

For the purpose of enhancing user experience and website persuasiveness, reasonably plan content and typesetting frameworks that are consistent with website promotion and marketing.

6.Keyword Research

Google keyword ranking monitoring, inclusion monitoring, and perfect keyword recommendation function.

7.Enterprise keyword construction

Establish a long-term and durable keyword library for enterprises to improve the effectiveness of enterprise keyword management

8.Website content optimization

Optimize the entire site content, such as content classification, richness, originality, information update frequency, writing method, related product recommendations, etc.

9.Website picture optimization

Optimize the settings of all the pictures on the website, which helps search engine spiders to capture and include the contents of the pictures on the website.

10.Website Core Product Research

Combine the analysis of the market, culture and user search habits of the product, research the core products, expand the core product keywords, formulate the core keywords, and carry out the overall website wording.

11.Website label optimization

All pages of the website are optimized with reasonable titles, descriptions, and keywords (TDK) to ensure the uniqueness of each page and improve the recognition of the page by the Google search engine!

12.GA data tracking

Add website tracking code for each page of the website, track data on mobile, pc, different browsers, different language settings, etc., and understand the situation of the website at the first time.

13.Other optimization

404 error custom page settings, 301 redirects, breadcrumb navigation settings, robots, sitemap submission, search engine inclusion, etc.

14.Data flow detection

Use a unique traffic monitoring system to identify the source area and source site, monitor the source information of visitors from each country and each page, browsing time, etc.

15.Website operation guidance

Guide the operation of the website throughout the process, formulate and optimize and adjust the strategy direction of the website based on data report analysis.

16.Quarterly Operation Report

Professional search engine optimization quarterly report, semi-annual report and full-year report, the report data is accurate and detailed

seo service process

  • Diagnose various website items
  • According to the actual situation of the website, product market and other factors, tailor-made execution plans and plans
  • Optimize website seo
  • Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of seo
  • According to the actual situation of the website ranking, adjust the search engine optimization program in real time

How to evaluate the effectiveness of seo services?

1.Keyword ranking

The seo service company will promise how many keywords are ranked, and what the ranking is, but we must continue to observe the stability of these words, and occasionally fluctuations are normal.

2.Index volume and backlinks

In other words, a SEO optimized site, the search engine index and the number of backlinks should be increased than the original, of course, the premise is that other conditions remain unchanged.

3.Website traffic

Look at the amount of flow, and at the same time, look at whether the flow is stable and whether the fluctuation range is large.


PR is a sign that Google search engine evaluates the quality of a website, but unfortunately it is not updated anymore. If the SEO-optimized website has a PR falling from 4 to 1, it can only mean that the optimization has failed. If the PR has always been 0, it also means that SEO is not doing enough.

5.Bounce Rate

If the bounce rate of a website is 100%, and it is also 100% after the optimization, it means that this optimization has failed. The bounce rate should gradually decrease with the optimization of SEO. The fewer visitors who jump out, the more successful the optimization.

How to formulate seo optimization service plan?

1.Keyword analysis

This is the most important part of SEO optimization. Keyword analysis includes:

  • Keyword attention analysis
  • competitor analysis
  • keyword and website correlation analysis
  • keyword placement
  • keyword ranking prediction

2.Website architecture analysis

Site structure that matches the crawler preferences of search engines is conducive to SEO optimization. Website architecture analysis includes:

  • Eliminate the unreasonable design of website architecture
  • realize tree-like directory structure
  • website navigation and link optimization

3.Content publishing and link placement

Search engines like regular website content updates, so a reasonable arrangement of website content release schedule is one of the important skills of SEO optimization. The link layout connects the entire website organically, so that the search engine understands the importance and keywords of each page. The implementation reference is the keyword layout of the first point.

4.Website traffic analysis

Website traffic analysis guides the next SEO strategy from the SEO optimization results, and also has a guiding significance for optimizing the user experience of the website.

How to choose an excellent seo optimization service company?

  • Any SEO service that cares about word of mouth cannot promise to guarantee your keyword ranking position, they can only promise to optimize your website ranking to improve your website traffic and traffic quality. Although their most critical means is to make a large number of related keywords search rankings overall improved.
  • Good seo service companies all have practical success stories
  • Don’t believe the technology that can improve the ranking effect of the website in the short term
  • A good seo service company is a team responsible for a project