As an website seo consultant, we must have a lot of practical experience in website optimization and be able to calmly face any optimization problems. But do n’t think that website seo consultants only need to optimize technology. In fact, SEO consultants have a lot to know, and the most important thing is to communicate with customers. If you do n’t know how to communicate with customers, then no matter how good the technology is, it ’s useless. After all, if there is no customer, where do we come from? How can we use our technology without a project!

How to become an excellent website seo consultant

Seven competencies a website SEO consultant must possess

1.Data analysis capability

Why put data analysis capabilities in front? Because the website in the process of SEO optimization will involve many places that need to be analyzed, here is an example for everyone, for example:

  • Keyword difficulty analysis
  • competitor analysis
  • website analysis
  • website log analysis
  • Keyword ranking analysis
  • Website failure analysis
  • Statistical analysis of website data
  • …….

These all need to test the data analysis ability of a website SEO consultant, so for those who want to become a website SEO consultant, mastering data analysis ability is crucial.

2.Overall ability

Website SEO optimization is a complex and logical job. If you cannot coordinate the overall situation of the website before doing website SEO optimization, sooner or later you will lose confidence in yourself because of the tedious work. Therefore, you must formulate a method in these tedious tasks. Don’t mess up before you start to optimize the website SEO. Only by coordinating the overall situation of the website can you work in an orderly manner.

3.Good communication skills

Staff working in the SEO industry must have good communication skills. An excellent website SEO planning program is only a prerequisite for success. If a website SEO consultant does not have the ability to communicate with people, then this website will be doomed The SEO planning plan will not be successfully implemented because people in various departments do not understand how to cooperate with your work.

4.Super execution ability

SEO consultants not only need to have good communication skills, but more importantly, they also need to have super execution ability. Even if the SEO consultants who have no execution ability are well planned, they lack the execution ability. Failure to execute will result in no effect at all.

5.The ability to think with the customer’s thinking

Website SEO consultants must have this ability, why say so? Because, for example, choosing the right keywords for the website, analyzing the reasons why website visitors are stuck on a certain page, and the audience user groups targeted by the website.

6.Comprehensive writing ability

Comprehensive writing skills are very important for website SEO consultants. They need to write website SEO planning schemes, SEO work plans, SEO soft articles, etc. These all need to have certain writing skills. Some people say that it ’s okay if you do n’t have the writing ability. After copying it written by someone else on the Internet, you can take it and make changes. This is only suitable for novices. As a qualified website SEO consultant, you ca n’t and are limited to making changes. Articles that are modified often do not have their own unique style, and this will lose innovation, so that you can only stay in the primary stage of SEO forever.

7.Learning ability

SEO optimization is a technology. Since it is a technology, there will be changes, and new technologies will appear, and the algorithms of search engines are constantly changing. Therefore, this requires the website SEO consultant to have a good learning ability. Therefore, we must constantly learn new SEO optimization techniques, and at the same time, we must also learn from other people’s experience in SEO optimization, because only in this way can we develop better in the SEO industry in the long term.

What are the job responsibilities of a website SEO consultant?

1.Through the crawling situation of Google search engine spiders, some SEO optimization suggestions can be made to the website, making the website more suitable for the preferences of search engines.

2.Let more users know more accurate and relevant information

3.Website SEO consultants formulate a set of SEO optimization schemes for the overall structure of the website. Through SEO optimization, the ranking and traffic of the website can be improved.

4.Help customers solve problems in SEO optimization and improve website ranking

What are the main contents of the website SEO consultant?

1.Website basic SEO optimization

Let me give you an example:

  • Keyword analysis of fierce competition
  • Competitor’s on-site data analysis
  • TDK keyword and description settings on web pages
  • H-tag optimization and external chain construction
  • website internal chain construction
  • related friendly link exchange
  • robots.txt search engine protocol file
  • ……..

Since we are a website SEO consultant then we have to be all-round.

2.SEO optimization plan writing

I believe everyone also knows that the implementation of the SEO optimization program is divided into three stages: long-term, medium-term, and short-term. At what stage, what method and effect do we use?

3.SEO optimization technology learning

The Internet is a constantly evolving world, and as the algorithms of search engines continue to update and change, some of the previous SEO optimization techniques may not always be applicable. Therefore, if you want to do a good job as an SEO consultant, you must constantly learn to recharge yourself and constantly change your SEO optimization technology and knowledge points in the industry field. The Internet is still full of “students”.