At present, most companies doing Internet promotion are either Google SEO or Google Adwords. After all, these two are the most important. Because Google Ads has the advantages of quick results, I believe that more and more people will use Google Adwords optimization, but if we do not optimize well, we will waste our dollars. I have been in contact with Google Adwords optimization for three years. I have also summarized some Google Adwords optimization tips and chose to share them with everyone.

Twelve google adwords optimization tips [2020]

Twelve google adwords optimization tips[2020]

1.Target the right target group

Target your potential customer base by choosing a certain language and a certain country or region. For example, you can set your Google ads to appear only to potential customers in a specific country, for example, there are many French-speaking countries, but if your target customers are only in Canada, you can put other than Canada French-speaking countries are blocked. In other words, French inquirers cannot “click” your ad, because it will not appear. Thereby avoiding the extra and unnecessary expenses brought to you by this part of the click.

2.Refine keywords in Google adwords

Enclose your keywords (words) in square brackets “[…]”. For example: [Google] [Google AdWords] In this way, only when the keyword typed by the queryer exactly matches the keyword (key phrase) enclosed in square brackets, your ad will appear in front of the user. In other words, if the searched keyword contains other words, your ad will not appear in the search results. This effectively eliminates visitors who are not relevant to your business and minimizes your advertising expenditures.

3.Test multiple ads at the same time

Generally, two or more advertisements need to be tested at the same time. This test method is called A / B separation test in the printing industry. Find out the advertisement that can get a higher click rate through comparison, and then use it to replace the original advertisement content. Repeat this process to get an ad with the highest click-through rate.

4.Track return on investment (ROI) for each ad

Although Google will track the click-through rate of each keyword ad on it, it will not track how much click-through rate actually translates into your return on investment (ROI). You can use a special tracking link for each Google adwords to track the conversion investment of that ad. Doing so can check whether the money you invested is wasted, so as to ensure that every ad placed will bring you a return on investment.

5.Google ads should include targeted keywords

Include specific target keywords in your ad title and content. Google will highlight keywords that match the query in the ads. Everyone knows that when a queryer browses the query results, he is actually looking for the key words he types. The query keywords highlighted in bold at this time can naturally attract the attention of the queryer. It is for this reason that advertisements containing keywords tend to be much better than those that do not.

6.Emphasize the benefits of products and services

In your Google adwords , provide one or more of the main benefits your product or service can bring to customers. For example: earn more money, stay young, lose weight, healthier, happier life, and so on.

7.Google adwords should contain words that can grab attention

In the title of the ad, there should be words that can catch the attention of the queryer. For example, “free”, “new” and so on. But at the same time, make sure that you do n’t violate Google ’s keyword editing guidelines. For example: if you use “free”, then you must have a corresponding free product or service on the page directly linked to your ad; if you use “new”, then the product or service you launched cannot exceed six months. And if your business or third-party inspection finds that you ca n’t have relevant guarantees, then you ca n’t include relevant or subjective words in your ads, such as: “best”, “cheapest”, ” “Top”, “first” and so on.

8.Use words that inspire customer emotions and desire to buy

In advertising, words that are impressive and call for action should be used to achieve the purpose of inspiring customers’ emotions (somewhat sensationally) and buying desires. For example, words like “free”, “cheap”, “special offer”, “limited time offer”, “high-tech”, “know-how”, “enhanced”, “free shipping”, etc. are all reserved Impressed words. Your Google adwords should clearly show where your product or service is, or what makes it unique. Also make sure that these words describing your product or service are accurate and appropriate. Google will remove those words that are inconsistent with the name of the product or service you provide from your advertisement.

9.Product marketing should have a unique selling point proposition (USP)

Rosser Reeves put forward the core concept of the product, also known as the core selling point (that is, Unique Selling Proposition, referred to as USP, that is, a unique selling point proposition / sales proposition). USP is the external manifestation of the product’s core value and the most important product information passed to consumers. Rosser Reeves advocates that when creating an advertisement, the most important thing is to discover its USP, namely:

  • Must include specific commodity benefits;
  • Must be unique, unique, novel, and related to sales.

When similar products are tied in quality, the key to winning or losing lies in the consumer’s impression of the trademark and even the enterprise itself. Therefore, finding the USP of a product has an inestimable pulling effect on product communication, brand establishment, and sales.

10.Remove too common words from your Google ads

For example, a, in, on, it, of, etc., these words are not necessary. As long as the words are not absolutely necessary, you can take them out of your advertisement, so as to ensure that each word in the advertisement has a considerable amount of gold.

11.Link the ad to the associated landing page

First let’s take a look at what is a landing page. The landing page is set up to allow online consumers to access messages more quickly and smoothly. The simplest definition of a landing page is “the web page the customer is taken to after placing an ad”, which is the first web page the customer visits.

12.Prevent people seeking free services or products from clicking on your ads

You can add the price of the product or service at the end of the advertisement. In this way, you can avoid those who seek free services or products from the Internet from clicking your Google adwords, thereby increasing unnecessary Google adwords optimization costs. Doing so will not only increase the overall conversion ratio of your potential customers, but also reduce the average customer acquisition cost. Doing so may have a certain impact on your CTR, but you do n’t have to worry about this. Because after all, your goal is not every visitor on the Internet, but to your potential real customers. And often those who look for free resources on the Internet can never be your real customers.

How to use Google AdWords to optimize your website?

Before Google AdWords optimization, keyword planning is indispensable. Specifically, how to choose common words, which long-tail words to focus on, how much should the budget of brand words be inclined, etc. All we need to think about. Google Keyword Planner can help us search for keywords and ad group tips based on terms that describe your products or services, your website, or product categories related to the content you promote, get historical statistics, and know the keywords Get competitive estimates and get traffic estimates, such as how many clicks and impressions our keywords might receive within a specified bid and budget amount.

Google’s smart advertising series is a simple smart advertising solution specifically designed for small businesses. When users find relevant content on Google, our merchant’s information will be displayed to customers. Behind this advertising mechanism is its cutting-edge Google. Backed by advertising technology, we will not talk about specific technical principles here. In short, smart advertising can achieve the desired advertising results for us according to our advertising goals, such as attracting customers to call, patronizing our website or taking specific actions, etc.

Smart campaigns can be set up in just 15 minutes, and we can automatically generate keywords based on our products and services, create ad extensions, etc. without taking a lot of time. And Google can also continue to improve the advertising according to our advertising goals, measure its effectiveness, and at the same time will produce a simple advertising report, we can see the advertising effect at a glance.

Google adwords Optimization Tips Summary

Remember that Google advertising is a series of test optimizations that never end. Keep track of your ads frequently, and constantly test different keywords and advertising content. Improve and increase the conversion ratio of your potential customers by comparing different versions of content, thereby reducing your customer acquisition costs.

Choosing Google AdWords to promote your website is indeed feasible. As long as you have mastered Google AdWords optimization tips, you can get the most benefit with a relatively low cost.