Many people will find that their website’s keyword ranking has not been good or no ranking. If the website is not Google optimized (SEO), this is actually a normal phenomenon, but the website is not optimized for Google Normal. And we also need to know that the keyword ranking of the website is easily promoted to a bottleneck period. In the millions of query results, it is very difficult to improve the keyword ranking of the website. But as long as we do a good job of Google SEO optimization, then it will not be too difficult.

How does Google Optimization (SEO) affect the ranking of keywords on a website?

Why Google Optimization (SEO)?

  • 40% of the world’s traffic comes from Google search engines, including the big international site Alibaba, made in China, etc., also have to spend money on Google search engines for advertising.
  • A good ranking on Google, especially the natural ranking, is equivalent to Google’s artificial intelligence recommendation. It gives visitors a good impression that it is a large company with high trust.
  • With the introduction of Google’s Panda algorithm and Penguin algorithm, traffic on many large platforms has experienced a steep decline.
  • Google is currently the top three global market capitalization company, and 90% of its revenue comes from search engines.

Advantages of Google Optimization (SEO)

As long as it is properly maintained, there will be no large fluctuations in rankings and traffic. The maintenance cost is low, and the effect will be better as you get behind. The ranking is higher and more stable. It is difficult to surpass. The brand will slowly build, even small companies will give Users have a big brand feeling.

And the flow conversion from the natural ranking is high, and the order conversion is also high, because the customer thinks you are in the top few of Google, and subconsciously thinks that you are a well-known company, so it will be very recognized.

Disadvantages of Google Optimization (SEO)

1.Need a strong Google optimization method

In an industry, it is said that there are dozens of hundreds of websites, and there are more than tens of thousands. So many websites, why is our website keyword ranking in the top ten in the Google search engine natural ranking? Right? If we don’t understand the middle Google optimization (SEO) method, if we don’t invest a lot of energy and resources, how can we rank up?

2.No effect early

Website keyword ranking takes time, this time is at least three to six months, during this time Google search engine will gradually realize your website, gradually analyze the content of your website, external links, user experience, and then carefully Give you rankings, and adjust your rankings at any time, so the first three months or even four or five months have no effect.

How to perform Google optimization (SEO)?

1. Google is optimized by someone in the company, and willing to invest time, energy, money, and wait for it when there is no effect in the early stage. Persist and continue. Those who meet these conditions will generally succeed, but some special industries will have no effect!

2. The enterprise has found a professional SEO optimization company and is willing to invest enough promotion funds and establish an in-depth cooperative relationship. It can basically succeed, but there are still some industries that are not suitable!

3. The SEO optimization company you are looking for is still a reliable professional, but the budget is limited. This depends on luck, but it will be much better than not doing Google optimization!

4.I wo n’t optimize and the companies I ’m looking for are n’t reliable, and I ’m arbitrarily invested. This will have no effect unless the world is destroyed, so there is so little hope!

What industry does Google optimization (SEO) have no effect?

  • An industry where the search volume for the main keywords is extremely small (less than 100), the number of other keywords (sub keywords, long-tail words) is small, and the search volume is also extremely small (less than 20).
  • An industry that is extremely difficult, such as an industry that is too difficult, is difficult to rank without a solid Google optimization method.
  • Some informal industries are not suitable, and I do not recommend this type of industry!

Seven Google optimization (SEO) methods

1. High-quality website content

Only if the content of the website is of good quality and can help users solve problems can they attract users and guide them step by step to generate trust in the website and form the final conversion. High-quality original articles can improve the user’s click-through rate, and Google improves its ranking by analyzing indicator data.

2.Pay attention to the user-friendliness of mobile

Google said that responsive design helps their “algorithm accurately assign index attributes to pages without showing the presence of corresponding desktop / mobile pages.” In this era, in order to make the website ranked high, follow Google’s guidelines and ensure that your content matches your PC and mobile.

3.Create a secure website (HTTPS)

Google announced that its Chrome browser (45% of people use the Chrome browser) will start to mark sites when they are not HTTPS and display “unsafe” in the URL bar. Google warns that sites with no SSL certificate will be distinguished, and some users will be blocked when visiting.

4.Improve user experience

User experience (UX) has an impact on Google’s SEO optimization, if you do not consider the user experience, the website will be eliminated. Research shows that 38% of users will decisively leave because the content and layout of the site are not attractive. More than half of websites increase page views by updating content and optimizing action buttons.

5.Optimize page speed

The slower the website loads, the more visitors and revenue will be lost, and the faster page loading speed brings a better website experience, so Google takes action to make it a factor in the ranking of website keywords.

6.Establish authoritative backlinks

In Google’s search engine algorithm, backlinks have a very important effect on website keyword ranking. Often, a good ranking has many authoritative backlinks.