Everyone is not the same when searching for keywords in search engines. Nearly 70% of the world ’s 7 billion people have Internet access, which is equivalent to a minimum of 5 billion keywords. In other words, the competition for network traffic is very fierce, and companies face huge competitors, so we need to focus on Google keyword optimization.

Why do google keyword optimization tool?

Essentially, Google’s keyword optimization tool can find (in your niche market) which keywords are most popular, how these keywords rank, and how to use these keywords to put your business in a good position. There are also some Google keyword optimization tools that provide solutions for finding long-tail keywords.

Ten Google keyword optimization tools

1. Keywords everywhere

Keywords everywhere is a Google keyword optimization tool that can display useful Google keyword search volume and cost-per-click data on multiple websites. Can help you save the trouble of copying data from various websites, and use google Adwords to view related search volume and cpc data. Keywords everywhere allows access to the keyword metrics of the keyword lists of the following websites and allows you to download the list in Excel, CSV or PDF file format:

  • Google search: search box and data displayed on the right (people will also ask and related keywords)
  • Google Search Console: data displayed on the search analysis page
  • Google Analytics: Organic and search engine optimization, query the data displayed on the page
  • Google Trends: Query the data displayed in the widget
  • YouTube: data displayed under the search box
  • Bing: data displayed under the search box
  • Amazon:data displayed under the search box
  • Ebay:data displayed under the search box
  • AnswerThePublic.com: The data that pops up on the spokes of each wheel, and the data is also displayed in the letter list
  • Soovle.com: data displayed next to each keyword on the entire page
  • KeywordShitter.com: Data displayed under the main text area next to the keyword
  • Majestic: Anchor text report
  • Moz Open Site Explorer: Anchor text report

Enter the word you want to search in Google search, the search volume, CPC and competition will be displayed under the Google search box and the right column, and related keywords and people also serched ford will be displayed on the right column. You can click Export CSV, Look at the specific Volume and CPC, which is very helpful for making keyword bids for google ads.

2. SeoStack Keyword Tool

The SeoStack Keyword Tool plugin is a free Google keyword optimization tool that can easily find long-tail keywords.
SeoStack Keyword Tool is also a fast and easy to use long tail keyword generator tool. It can generate 1000 competition, long-tail keywords from multiple different search engines. You can get long-tail keywords from Google, amazon, Bing, ebay, youtube channels, or you can directly export long-tail keywords. This is very useful for reference and reference for doing long-tail keyword optimization and expanding ads Key words.

3.  Soolve

Soolve is an interesting word cloud integrated search results, allowing you to see the results of different search engines at once. Such as Wikipedia, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, bing, Youtube, Ebay, Netflex, Buy. Com, Answer. Com, etc., you can choose your own search engine replacement, you can run up to 15 search engine search results at a time.

4. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is a keyword planning tool that integrates the search engines of Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, and AppStore. You can choose search results based on different countries’ domains and languages.

5. UberSuggest

UberSuggest is a long tail keyword artifact and website analysis.Entering keywords will tell you the search volume and Seo diffculty.paid, differentiated and Estimated CPC. You can also enter the domain name to analyze the performance of the website. It can be said that it is very very detailed for analyzing the situation of a website.

6.  K-Meta

K-Meta can find your competitors, website traffic, advertising copy, and keyword position by searching on the website; if you search by keywords, you can see the CPC, the degree of competition, the search volume, and related keywords and organic search results.
The function of K-Meta is similar to that of Ubersuggest. If you search for keywords, you can see Search volume, CPC, competition, etc., and you can also see which advertisers bid for these words.


SEMRush is familiar to everyone, one of the most important Google keyword optimization tools.

  • Keyword analysis: You can see the overall analysis of keywords, and even which websites are ranked first.
  • Website analysis: traffic estimation, ranking keywords, competitor surveys, external link analysis, etc. are all very important functions for SEO Google keyword optimization and sem.

8. SERPstat

SERPstat is similar to Semrush, and its function is also very powerful. You can compare the related keywords with the keywords you searched in order to combine the long-term keyword groups.


Spyfu not only helps you find the keywords used by your competitors, but also tells you the cost and ranking of the advertising they put into each word. The operation is very easy, just copy the competitor’s website on the search results. Then you will get a super long search result report.

10. Word Tracker

Word Tracker is a search engine that combines Google, Amazon, and Youtube, and focuses on optimizing the traffic of your locked keywords.

There are also some good Google keyword optimization tools on the market, which are very helpful for SEO keyword optimization and website analysis. This article mainly talks about 10 commonly used Google keyword optimization tools.