Many small and medium-sized enterprises will choose search optimization (SEO) to promote corporate brands and products. These small and medium-sized enterprises do SEO optimization, either optimize themselves or ask professional search optimization companies, but how to find a professional SEO optimization company becomes a problem!

How to find an excellent search optimization (SEO) company

Why look for a search optimization (SEO) company?

At present, SEO optimization costs are lower, and the display effect is more stable, which is undoubtedly the best online promotion method on the Internet. But many companies look for search optimization (SEO) companies for the following reasons:

  • I do not have the ability to form an SEO team
  • Search optimization (SEO) is not ideal
  • Don’t want to do trouble
  • Asking a professional search optimization (SEO) company is equivalent to forming an SEO team at a lower cost
  • Professional search optimization company with good results and quick results

But the docking person or person in charge of the enterprise still needs to master the basic knowledge of search optimization in order to achieve a better search optimization effect.

What is the process of a professional search optimization (SEO) company?

1.clear goal

First of all, there must be a reasonable goal. The formulation of the goal needs to be combined with historical data and then formulated after analysis. These data include detailed website data reports such as logs, spider crawling trajectories, core keyword traffic, and so on. Then make a careful comparative analysis with the current data of the website, understand the keyword search frequency and user search habits, synthesize the above data to predict the effect that the SEO project can achieve, and use the data as a basis to formulate practical goals.

2.Clear matchmaker

SEO optimization projects involve websites, technologies, products, art, copywriting, creative planning, etc. Usually, a project leader is needed to coordinate and connect, to be responsible for communication and coordination, and to promote the progress of the project.

3.Project implementation

There is an inextricable relationship between SEO optimization and the website. In the process of search optimization (SEO), it is necessary to fully control the modification of the website. The SEO manager will dismantle each execution plan, how to cooperate and cooperate, etc. The quality of the project execution directly affects the achievement of the goal.

4.Data monitoring

It is often necessary to conduct detailed analysis and monitoring of the data of the website, because each data must have detailed records, such as: website logs, keyword data, etc., through the data to adjust each search optimization details in time.

What questions should you ask during a review of a search optimization (SEO) company?

If you are considering hiring an SEO company, let them explain how their job will be customized for you. If they do not do this, ask them:

  • What are your experiences in search optimization (SEO) and link building?
  • What tactics do you take to ensure link quality?
  • Who guides in the actual operation of SEO?
  • What solution is most effective for my current situation? The reason?
  • In actual operation, who is responsible for my project?
  • What is your search optimization (SEO) process?
  • What SEO optimization tool do you use?
  • How do you monitor and report optimization results?
  • When can I see the progress of my project?
  • How is your strategy consistent with the Google Webmaster Guidelines?
  • How will my brand be displayed online?
  • How do you define a successful SEO project?

The simplest advice I can give is how to do it. Ask questions about everything that might affect your goals. Ask thoroughly. Before you sign a contract or spend money, you should know exactly what your purchase method is and feel comfortable in cooperation.

The benefits of professional search optimization (SEO) companies for website optimization?

Professional search optimization (SEO) companies have many advantages because of their professionalism and powerful technology. I will list them below:

  • Can make the site’s ranking stable
  • Search optimization (SEO) is better and more effective
  • According to the type of project, build a website to make the user experience better and have a higher conversion rate
  • Please search and optimize (SEO) companies lower cost than setting up SEO optimization team
  • Don’t worry about website ranking, website hacking and other website issues

The composition of the professional search optimization (SEO) team

1.SEO manager

The SEO manager is mainly responsible for the company’s SEO co-ordination and management.The specific work includes the formulation of SEO goals and the planning of SEO optimization programs, including content and link strategy; co-ordination and communication, including communication and collaboration with other departments, also including the internal tasks of the SEO department And the formulation and execution of plans; competitors and keyword analysis; standard formulation, and there are internal specifications for new content, HTML code, and page optimization of the website.

2.Page optimizer

The page optimizer is responsible for manually adjusting the page optimization factors, including manually adjusting important page titles, body content, keyword distribution and format, adding and adjusting tags, adjusting internal links, etc.

3.Content editor

Content editors use original or edited website content, and do basic search optimization (SEO) processing when publishing content, such as title writing, keyword research, and topic organization. Content-provided websites also need content editors to review and modify.

4.Technical and design staff

The technical and design staff adjust the internal structure, classification settings, URL standardization and redirection of the website according to the website structure set by the SEO manager. The automatically generated pages are optimized for code and keywords.

The most important point is that you need to trust your search optimization (SEO) company. Before working with any search optimization (SEO) company, you must clearly understand how your website is optimized.