Website optimization experts have many good SEO resources, which often bring us a lot of convenience in website optimization, usually with less effort. But every SEO expert is step by step from entry to expert, which is a process of becoming an SEO expert. Of course, as a website optimization expert, we still have a lot of details to pay attention to!

How do website optimization experts do SEO?

How to find a website optimization expert?

Based on our past actual experience, we usually adopt the following methods:

1.Past CV

Usually when we choose a website optimization expert, we hope that he comes from the Party B organization rather than the independent operator of the Party A organization.reason:

  • Party A’s industry is relatively vertical and unitary, and sometimes SEO professional skills have limitations.
  • Party A’s website optimization strategy is more of repetitive work, but it is difficult to improve work efficiency in the short term. It is a long-cycle behavior and is limited to this industry.
  • Party A companies usually do not have strict requirements for SEO standardization, and a large number of companies do not require ROI calculations. study

We are very clear that we are looking for a website optimization expert. At this time, we need to check the professionalism of each other through the actual case on the spot, such as:

  • How to diagnose a website, what is his workflow?
  • Listen to the solution it gives and see if it is really correct.
  • Ask difficult questions

3.General Q & A

Ask some related content, we will clearly see the other party’s professionalism in SEO optimization, and make a reasonable judgment.

  • Briefly describe how search engines work
  • How to organize keyword thesaurus
  • How to build external links
  • …..

4.success case

The most effective strategy for reviewing a website optimization expert is to view the successful cases that the other party has actually operated in the past.

5.Website optimization resources

If you have been in the SEO industry for a long time, you will be very clear that at some level, the resources held by a website optimization expert are very important, such as:

  • Externally linked resources
  • Effective channels for news releases by authoritative media

What skills do website optimization experts need?

1.Critical thinking

When we are optimizing website rankings, do n’t always focus on ranking, but you need to ask yourself why this page needs to be ranked and what is the value of participating in keyword ranking in the search results page.

Whether it is providing users with real search needs, or what problems are solved, rather than having a ranking.


We all know very well that the basis for SEO rankings comes from quality content, although, as a website optimization staff, we can not be good at writing copy.

But this requires us to spend a lot of time to create a copy template that conforms to the website optimization, and explain to the editor to develop a standard writing plan, thereby reducing the cost of website optimization.

3.Technological innovation

Although we have been emphasizing that non-technical personnel can also do website optimization well, we never deny that a technical expert has a positive effect on the smooth completion of the project.

4.Active social

We know that any website needs to establish external links, and the ability to obtain high-quality external links. From the current point of view, it is more based on the social communication ability of the website optimizer.

5.Analysis of data

No SEO project can exist independently of data analysis. We need to adjust website optimization strategies based on detailed data monitoring of corporate websites to improve efficiency.

6.PPT display

When we did the work report summary, the PPT drugs were displayed more comprehensively. Sometimes the PPT’s display ability has a considerable impact on the progress of the SEO work.

Three SEO tips from website optimization experts

1.Accurate keyword positioning

The layout of the target keywords determines whether the implementation of the website optimization work is useful later. Some websites like to choose keywords with higher popularity when doing website optimization. This kind of keywords with too high popularity is actually difficult to optimize. You pay Many efforts may be difficult to optimize to the home page, so we can choose keywords that will increase the conversion rate.

2.High-quality original articles

Now for website optimization, content writing must pay attention to originality, because if the originality of the article itself is not high, there is no point in updating more articles. Because the article is not original, Baidu Spider will not crawl it or include it. Therefore, when website optimization companies do website optimization, they must also choose original articles. Only in this way can articles attract users and be forwarded continuously to achieve the desired effect.

3.Value user experience

First of all, if a website wants users to actively click to visit their website, then the first consideration is the user experience. Many websites also do some original articles, but they are often machine-generated, giving you the feeling that they are original articles, but In fact, the content of the article has no emotion and no demand, so the readability is not particularly high. In this case, the user spends time reading your article and does not obtain the desired information from it, so the user experience will not be good, and will Faced with the crisis of user loss, the overall evaluation of the website will not be high.

Here I remind you to make a website with a bad user experience, this website is also difficult to get favored by search engines, and the conversion rate of website traffic in the past has not been particularly good, so you ca n’t just focus on articles The number of articles should pay more attention to the quality of articles. When the user experience is good, your website will be valued. This is the key point for website optimization.