For beginners, SEO is not simple, often SEO beginners will ignore many places, the most easily overlooked is the website conversion rate.

With the help of some SEO optimization experts of the company, I organized 15 quick and easy SEO techniques to improve the conversion rate of the website. Before we learn these 15 tips, we must first understand some knowledge about website conversion rate!

15 quick and easy SEO tips to improve website conversion rate

Does website conversion rate matter?

Conversion rate is critical to your website because it contributes to your sales and revenue. If your website conversion rate decreases, you will find it difficult to find new potential customers or customers, which will seriously damage your business. A good conversion rate is the basis for increasing the sales of any online business.

What is website conversion rate optimization?

If you need a higher return on hard-won traffic, then you need a large number of visitors to visit your website and take positive actions for your business. For example, if you are engaged in an e-commerce business, on a brand website, you will want visitors to click a specific call-to-action button and make a purchase.

Website conversion rate optimization is mainly designed for e-commerce enterprise websites. However, any business can use the conversion rate optimization related to the UX (User Experience) strategy to change and use it on its website to attract more users.

The user experience strategy is reflected everywhere on your website: it can help visitors or customers get a better user experience on your website. Remember, a great user experience means a better conversion.

15 quick and easy SEO tips to improve website conversion rate

A 100% conversion rate will make you and your website a lot! But this is impossible. But if you want to significantly increase your website conversion rate, here are some quick and easy SEO tips that can be implemented on your website:

1.Focus on the relevance of ads and landing pages

You need to be able to maintain strict relevance between ads and landing pages. This means that what you say in the ad must be exactly what the customer expects. Customers reach your site within 5 seconds after deciding whether the content is relevant to them. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to the relevance of Internet advertising to the corresponding landing page, which is the first step in customer conversion.

2.There is a compelling and clear value proposition

The value proposition is the main reason why customers should buy from you. You need to figure this out on the website, and there must be a certain sense of urgency, so that your customers urgently buy products or services.

To ensure that your value proposition is viable, please indicate the benefits your customers will receive (ie how your products / services will improve their lives), the problems you intend to solve, and how customers differentiate you from competitors.

3.Match content reading level with audience

This means that you should use content suitable for your target audience. Please pay attention to the language or tone you use. Your content seems coherent and rich, but if you do n’t get conversions, then your wording may be overwhelming and redundant for your target audience. It may also be that you have written too randomly and used inappropriate statements.

4.Write a title that attracts attention

This is something we must fully emphasize. The title is the first thing visitors will see, so you need to create an excellent first impression. This means that the title of your blog, ad or landing page must be concise, attractive, and should promise great benefits.

Consider what will attract the attention of your particular customer. If they want to learn something, then “how to do” may work best. Can you include the questions most requested by customers in the title? Whatever it is, it should make them want to say “yes” to your claim.

5.Establish credibility with evaluation and recommendation

When you want to earn credibility in the eyes of visitors, especially when you are a first-time visitor to a website, recommendations and comments are crucial. Understanding social proof-a psychological phenomenon that leads people to believe that their behavior is “correct” based on the behavior of those around them-is the basis for converting potential customers.

In fact, not only 92% of online consumers read reviews, but 88% of people trust online reviews as well as personal recommendations! Therefore, please make sure you use real reviews and only use credible review sites.

6.Create a trust element on your website

This is one of the main reasons people will buy from you, so you also need to add a trust element to your website. You need to get some trust signals:

  • Contact information (for example, contact page, email, phone number, live chat)
  • Social profile
  • Payment guarantee (for example, various payment methods, trust badges, certificates, SSL)

You can also create a blog and share industry expertise. However, when writing content, remember that 43% of readers do not like blatant self-promotional content.

7.Straightforward introduction of your products and services

Today ’s consumers are very smart, and they can quickly find out that you are advertising. This is why you need to be transparent and direct.

When providing a product description, please treat its size and function honestly. Although compelling text will help sales, make sure you provide a 300-word description of how the product will improve their lives; it ’s not 300 words of redundant content, which will make readers question you What to sell.

This not only won the trust of customers, but also helped Google search engines index your pages.

8.Call for action “not to be missed”

In short, your call to action needs to attract visitors. When creating a CTA button, split testing is the key to finding the most appropriate text and location.

For example, you can use strong verbs to describe the action they should take (such as “Download Now!”), Or you can make it more focused on results (such as “show me how to increase conversion rates”). Always use active voices instead of passive voices, and make full use of influential words to impress your potential customers and drive them to click.

Although traditional optimization practices believe that the CTA button should bear the brunt, many successful companies prove that this is not the case. When placing, please conduct an extensive A / B test to find out where the button is most effective on a blog post, home page or login page.

9.Eye-catching buttons

Like other aspects of marketing, psychology plays a huge role in creating the CTA button. Color psychology is a subtle and effective way to make customers switch. To find the color that best suits your button, this is back to performing an extensive A / B test.

Please refer to your users to find out which color will affect your audience in a positive way. E.g:

  • Different genders prefer different colors
  • Red may hinder content presentation, but it can also cause excitement
  • Purple is usually associated with refinement and luxury

10.Use high-quality images to decompose text

Nowadays, people’s concentration time is getting shorter and shorter. This is the source of visual communication: research shows that people process visual images 60,000 times faster than word processing.

Therefore, rather than providing articles, web pages, or landing pages with large amounts of text, it is better to disrupt the text wall with images, videos, or useful screen shots so that readers can participate until the end of the article.

11.Chat tool is your friend

The benefit of today’s technology is that there are many affordable chat tools. Providing this feature allows customers to easily access you so that you can answer their questions immediately, thereby building more trust.

12.Provide social sharing buttons

Including social sharing buttons on product pages is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, according to the social proof phenomenon, it can increase the credibility of your product or article. However, if the share is not large, it will backfire, giving the impression that your content is not credible.

To determine if it suits you, please conduct an A / B test. Make sure to only provide social sharing buttons that are applicable to the content of the platform (for example, Douyin is used for video and Weibo is used for blog sharing). In addition, the button should not deviate from the CTA main button, as this may reduce conversions.

13.Provide various payment methods

When paying, you need to cover all the basics because not everyone has a credit card. Other systems include Alipay, WeChat Pay, Apple Pay, etc. By providing alternatives, you reduce the problem of shopping cart abandonment due to payment failures.

14.Improve your self-media marketing activities

Self-media marketing activities are one of the best ways to nurture potential customers and push them further to the channel. In fact, 80% of online marketing experts say that self-media marketing can improve customer acquisition and retention.

There are many ways to keep your self-media fans growing. You can hold free webinars and provide recordings as an incentive mechanism to opt-in, provide discounts only for fans, and of course be aware of the benefits of registration (eg, valuable content, exclusive promotions). Alternatively, you can take the traditional route and sign the registration paper at a trade show or event.

15.Buy without registration

Some successful e-commerce sites provide fast checkout to speed up the purchase process, rather than adding other steps like creating an account first. In fact, the long and complicated process is the third reason why customers give up buying. In addition, when prompted to create an account, 25% of shoppers will leave.

Although having customer details has certain advantages (for example, faster shopping in the future, tracking delivery, accessing exclusive promotions, etc.), there are some ways to include a registration page without causing interference.

First, you can make it an optional step for buyers. You can also highlight the benefits of registering on the website (eg promotions, exclusive content). Alternatively, you can also change the “Register” button to the “Continue” button according to the method of user interface engineering, which will bring you more benefits.

to sum up

The conversion rate of the website is very important. Only by continuously increasing the conversion rate can the value of your website be maximized. You can try the above 15 SEO tips to improve your website conversion rate, and you can also share with us your success in website user conversion!