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In the competitive real estate property management market, a company’s success is measured by its ability to drive qualified leads that boost occupancy rates.

Each inbound call generates a wealth of data that can be invaluable in future marketing efforts, but manual processes make it difficult to identify qualified business leads and what drove them to make a call.

Enter G5, a Bend-based company founded in 2005 by Dan Hobin and Greg Meier. The duo aimed their software at real estate marketers in the self storage industry. Over the past decade that has expanded to include senior living and multifamily apartment real estate clients. As the market widened the company pushed into intelligent predictive analytics and introduced artificial intelligence to its marketing platform.

“We had a treasure trove of market insights collected over the years,” said Martin Stein, G5’s chief product officer. “We were sitting on a wealth of information, but it was also not actionable enough to get the maximum value of the data, so we built a data platform that allowed us to connect the dots for the benefit of our customers’ businesses.”

Cool Spaces: G5 cuts loose on 3 floors in downtown Bend

G5’s Bend headquarters is outfitted with tech-company mainstays like foosball tables and kegs of beer. Click through the gallery to see what else the three-floor campus offers its employees.


In 2016, G5 launched the Intelligent Marketing Cloud, which is now used by 7,000 real estate marketers in the self storage, senior living and multifamily property management sectors. G5’s platform allows real estate marketers to monitor activities across all channels, manage spending, gain meaningful insights into customer behavior, engage customers and automatically optimize for the best return.

In May, the company boosted the capabilities of the platform with a partnership with, an open source artificial intelligence provider. The next version of the Intelligent Marketing Cloud will further automate the machine learning used in the system and increase accuracy, speed and scalability.

“If you compare it to car racing, we built the car, they are the pit crew and they help us to build data science models much faster,” said Stein. “It’s an exciting partnership. Together, we are building fantastic models that are extremely accurate.”

The company will soon pilot a new feature for the Intelligent Marketing Cloud that uses AI to prioritize calls and automatically distinguish qualified leads from basic inquiries.

G5’s approach is working as the company enjoys a 96 percent client retention rate. That success has pushed the company to 245 employees.

As the leading tech employer in Central Oregon, Stein said that finding the right talent to fuel G5’s growth has been an ongoing challenge. Although the tech ecosystem in Bend is getting stronger, the company often attracts talent from Portland, with new hires drawn to the work-life balance enabled in Bend’s unique environment.

“Bend offers our employees a great quality of life in a strong, involved community ideal for raising a family,” said Hobin, who serves as G5’s CEO. “Bend also gives you a lot of focus. Commutes are short, so you can get to work quickly, work hard and get your job done before heading home to recharge. The next day, you’re back refreshed and ready to work. That’s something that’s hard to do in a big city.”

Skip Newberry is president of the Technology Association of Oregon.

Technology Association of Oregon President and CEO Skip Newberry talks AI and real estate marketing with G5.

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